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17. Present Perfect or Past Simple 1

- Practice

A I have done or I did? (1)

Put in the correct verb form.

  • I've done (I/do) all the housework. The flat is really clean now.
  • A young couple bought (buy) the house next door. But they didn't live there long.

1. Our visitors _________ (arrive). They're sitting in the garden.
2. There's still a problem with the television. Someone _______ (repair) it, but then it broke down again.
3. ___________ (I/lose) my bank card. I can't find it anywhere.
4. The match_________ (start). United are playing well.
5. My sister ________ (run) away from home. But she came back two days later.
6. Daniel __________ (earn) some money last week. But I'm afraid he's already spent it all.
7. ___________ (we /plant) an apple tree in the garden. Unfortunately it died.
8. Prices __________(go) up. Everything is more expensive this year.
9. Someone ____________ (turn) on the hi-fi. What's that song called?
10. __________ (I/phone) the office at eleven to speak to the manager, but he isn't there today.
11. __________ (I/make) a cake. Would you like a piece?
12. The runner Amos Temila ___________ (break) the world record for the 1500 metres in Frankfurt. Then two days later in HelSinki, Lee Williams ran it in an even faster time.

B I've done it. I did it yesterday. (2)

Things that have happened today are on the radio and TV news.
Give the news using the Present Perfect and Past Simple.

  • the Prime Minister / visit Luton University / speak to students there / earlier today
  • The Prime Minister has visited Luton University. He spoke to students there earlier today.

1. the train drivers / go on strike / stop work / at twelve o'clock
2. the Queen / arrive in Toronto / fly there / in an RAF aircraft
3. two men / escape from Parkhurst Prison / get away / during the night
4. the actor Howard Bates / die in a car accident / his car / crash into a wall
5. Linda Jones / win the women's marathon / run it / in 2 hours 27 minutes

C Structures with for, since and last (3)

Complete the conversations.

  • Mike: This car is filthy. I haven't been to the car wash for about a year.

Tom: What! You mean it's twelve months since you last went to the car wash?
1. Laura: I haven't used my camera recently. June was the last time I took a photo.
Trevor: Really? I'm surprised you _________ June.
2. Rachel: I haven't seen Andrew for weeks.
Daniel: Nor me. It's ________ him.
3. Tom: What about a game of cards? We haven't played since your birthday.
David: Really? You mean my birthday___________ cards?
4. Emma: I feel terrible. It's three days since I ate anything.
Vicky: What did you say? You ___________three days?

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