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17. If, when, unless and in case


1 Present Simple for the future

Look at these examples.
You'll be tired tomorrow if you stay up late.
Tell me
when the water boils.
I won't do anything unless you agree.
Write the name down
in case you forget it.
We use the Present Simple for the future after linking words such as if, when, unless and in case.

2 If or when?

We can use either if or when in contexts where they mean 'every time'.

3 If and unless

If ... not means the same as unless.

4 In case

Look at these examples.
Take a sandwich with you in case you get hungry.
I'd better reserve a seat today
in case the train is full tomorrow.
Laum took two photos
in case one of them didn't come out.
We use
in case to talk about doing something to avoid a possible problem later on.

if and in case.

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