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16. So/neither do I and I think so

- Practice

A So and neither (1)

Andrew has just met Jessica at a party. They are finding out that they have a lot in common.
Put in the structures with so and neither.

Andrew: I haven't been to a party for ages.

  • Jessica: Neither have I. I hate crowded rooms.
  • Andrew: Yes, so do I. I'm not a party-goer, really.

1. Jessica: No, ______________I can't make conversation.
2. Andrew: _____________. You know, I'm a quiet sort of person.
3. Jessica: And ______________ . I lead a pretty quiet life.
4. Andrew: Well, _______________ I haven't got many friends.
5. Jessica: _______________. And I would really like a good friend.
6. Andrew: Oh, ______________

B So and neither (1)

Look at the table and complete the sentences.

  • Claire can ski, and so can Melanie.
  • Mark isn't keen on cooking, and neither is Claire.

1. Melanie doesn't like travelling much, and________________.
2. Mark has got lots of COs, and ____________________ .
3. Emma can't ski, and __________________ .
4. Claire isn't a music lover, and ______________ .
5. Melanie cooks quite often, and _______________ .
6. Mark travels quite a lot, and _____________________ .

C I think so, etc. (2)

Complete these short conversations. Put in structures with so or not and use the words in brackets.

  • Laura: Does the library open on Saturdays? (think)

Trevor: Yes, I think so. But I'm not absolutely certain.

  • Harriet: You can't go out for an evening meal wearing shorts. (guess)

Mike: I guess not. I'd better put some trousers on.
1. Sarah: Will there be a lot of people at the concert tonight? (expect)
Mark: ________________There aren't usually very many.
2. Daniel: Are you going to apply for the job? (suppose)
Vicky: ____________ It's the only one available.
3. David: Do you think it's going to rain? (hope)
Melanie: Well, ___________. I'm just about to go out.
4. Nick: Will the match take place in this weather? (think)
Tom: In fact, I'm sure it won't.
5. Claire: Is my coat ready, please? (afraid)
Assistant: _________________ We' re having problems with the machine.

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