16. Present Perfect Continuous or Simple

- Practice

A I have been doing or I have done? (1)

Look at these conversations and put in the correct form of the verb.
Use the Present Perfect Continuous or Simple.

  • Sarah: I feel really tired.

Mark: It's because you've been doing (you/do) too much.
Sarah: Well, at least I've finished (I/finish) that report now, and I can relax.
1. David: Someone ____________ (leave) the ladder outside, look.
Harriet: I expect that's Mike________(he/clean) the windows. I don't think _______ (he/finish) yet.
2. Laura: You've got mud on your shoes.
Trevor: It's all right , I'll take them off __________ (I/work) in the garden.
Laura: Yes, it looks a lot tidier. Well done___________ (you/do) a good job.
3. Tom: ________(I/hear) that you and Harriet are building a garage. How long ________ (you/ do) that?
Mike: Oh, for about a month now. (we/ do) __________ about half of it.

B I have been doing or I have done? (1)

What would you ask in these situations? Use the Present Perfect Continuous or Simple.

  • Your friend is wearing glasses. You've never seen him with glasses on before. Ask him how long ...

How long have you been wearing glasses?

  • Nick is playing computer games. Ask him how many ...

How many computer games have you played?
1. You meet a group of people walking across country. Ask them how many miles
2. Some workmen are digging up the road outside Sarah's house. Ask her how long..
3. Laura is taking lots of photos of you and your friends. Ask her how many
4. You have just woken up from an afternoon sleep and seen that it is raining. Ask your friend how long...

C I have been doing or I have done? (1-2)

Complete the conversation. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect Continuous or Simple.

Laura: What are you doing, Trevor? Youve been (you/be) in here for ages. You're making an awful mess.
Trevor: (1) _________ (I/clear) out this cupboard most of the afternoon.
There's a lot of old stuff in here. (2) _________ (I/find) these, look.
Laura: (3) _________ (you/sit) there staring at those old boots for the last five minutes. (4) ________(I/ watch) you. (5) ___________ (you /be) in a dream.
Trevor: They're football boots. (6) __________ (I / have) them since I was about sixteen. (7) ________ (they/be) in here for years.
Laura: Well, throw them away. And what about that tennis racket? Is that yours?
Trevor: No, it must be yours. (8) ______________ (I/never/have) a tennis racket.

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