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16. But, although, in spite of, whereas, etc.

- Practice

A But (2)

Complete each sentence with but and one of these clauses:
it didn't break, it's really quite modern, no one laughed, she turned it down

  • I dropped the dish, but it didn't break.

1. The house looks old, ___________________.
2. Emma was offered a job, ________________ .
3. The joke was funny, ____________________.

B In spite of and although (4)

Put in although or in spite of.

  • My sister got the job, although she didn't expect to.

1. _____________ I told the absolute truth, no one would believe me.
2. Daniel forgot his passport____________ having it on his list.
3. ____________ it was sunny, it was quite a cold day.
4. The goods were never delivered ___________the promise we had received.
5. Henry asked Claire to marry him _________ the fact that he's a lot older than her.

C But, although, however, even though, in spite of, and despite (1-4)

Complete the report by putting in the correct linking words. There is always more than one possible answer.

Although the ground was very wet, it was decided to go ahead with United's game against City. United were 1-0 winners (1) ____________ not playing very well.
(2) _____________ the poor conditions, City played some attractive football , (3) ______________they just couldn't score. (4)_____________ they lost, their fans gave them a big cheer.

D Although, even though, in spite of and despite (1-4)

Join each pair of sentences. Be careful where you put the words in brackets.

  • Nick used to smoke. He seems to be in good health. (although)

Although Nick used to smoke, he seems to be in good health.

  • I couldn't't sleep. I was tired. (despite)

I couldn't sleep despite being tired.
1. Trevor didn't notice the sign. It was right in front of him. (even though)
2. Matthew doesn't know any French. It was one of his school subjects. (although)
3. Henry's friend is a millionaire. He hates spending money. (despite)
4. We couldn't get tickets. We queued for an hour. (in spite of)

E Whereas, on the other hand, in spite of and although (4-5)

Put one of the linking words into each of these sentences.

  • Although it was rush-hour time, the roads weren't at all busy.

1. I always spend money when I have it. My brother ____________ , is very careful.
2. I managed to do some studying_____________ all the noise.
3. People are friendly in the North, __________ in London no one speaks to you.

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