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15. Yet, still and already


1 Introduction

Yet means that we are expecting something. (It's the time to book a holiday.)
Still means 'going on longer than expected'. ([t's late to be thinking about a holiday.)
Already means 'sooner than expected'. (It's early to have had a holiday.)

2 Yet

Yet usually goes at the end of a negative statement or a question.
Vicky has got a present, but she hasn't opened it yet.
Wait a minute. I'm not ready
Have they sent you your cheque yet? - No, not yet. I should get it next week.

3 Still and already

In a positive statement, still and already usually go in mid position.
Sarah isn't home yet. She's still at work.
We wrote a month ago, and we're still waiting for a reply.
I've only been at work an hour, and I'm already exhausted.
There's no need to tell me. I already know.

We can also use still in a negative statement. It goes before haven't, can't, etc.
It's nearly lunch-time, and you still haven't opened your mail.
My friend is sixteen, and she still can't swim.

Compare these sentences. The meanings are similar.
Rita hasn't booked a holiday yet. - Rita still hasn't booked a holiday.
Still is stronger than yet. It often expresses surprise that the situation has gone on for so long.

In a question still and already usually go after the subject.
Are you still waiting after all this time?
Has Tom
already been on holiday?

4 No longer and any longer/any more

No longer means that something is finished. It goes in mid position.
You can't buy these bikes now. They no longer make them.
I used to belong to the sports club, but I'm no longer a member.

No longer can be a little formal. In informal speech we use not ... any longer or not ... any more.
They don't make these bikes any longer/any more.
Rita has moved. She doesn't live here any longer/any more.
Any longer/any more comes at the end.

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