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15. Yet, still and already

- Practice

A Yet, still and already (1)

Put in yet, still or already.

  • Mark: I know it isn't lunch-time yet, but I'm really hungry.

Sarah: It's only eleven. And you've already had two coffees since breakfast.
1. Vicky: You've ____________ got this library book, and it was due back ten days ago.
Rachel: Well, I haven't finished it .
2. Nick: Tom is a very slow eater, isn't he? He's ____________having his soup.
David: And we've _____________started our pudding.
3. Trevor: Has the postman been _____________? I'm expecting a letter from the bank.
Laura: Yes, he has, but that letter _____________hasn't arrived.

B Word order with yet, still and already (1)

Put the word in brackets into one of the sentences.

  • I've bought some CDs. I haven't played them. (yet)

I haven't played them yet.

  • This calculator works. I've had it for ages. (still)

This calculator still works.
1. I owe Emma ?20. I can't ask her for more. (already)
2. We've spent all our money. And we're only halfway through our holiday. (already)
3. I've cleaned this window. But it looks dirty. (still)
4. Our friend took some photos. We haven't seen them. (yet)
5. I can't understand the rules. I know you explained them to me. (still)

C Still and any more (3-4)

Two people are talking about the place they live in. Write the replies using still or not ... any more.

Old man:

  • There was a church.
  • You could see fields.

1. Children played there.
2. Boats came along the river.
3. The view was beautiful.
4. It was our home.

Young man:
- Well, there's still a church.
- You can't see them any more. Now it's just houses.
- Not now. __________________________.
- Oh, ______________________. Look at them.
- Well, _______________________. It's awful.
- And_________________________________.

D Yet, still, already, no longer and any longer/any more (1-4)

Put in already, any more, no longer, still and yet.

  • It's still raining, look. How much longer can it go on?

1. The railway closed down years ago, so there's _________ a railway station here.
2. They want to build a new hotel here, but they haven't got permission _________________.
3. Rita isn't going out with Nick. She told him she didn't want to see him __________________.
4. Those people moved here only three months ago, and they're __________________ leaving.

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