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15. Present Perfect Continuous

- Practice

A Form (2)

Put in the verbs. Use the Present Perfect Continuous.

Llona: Sorry I’m late.
Emma: It's OK. I haven’t been
waiting (I/ not/wait) long. What (1)_____________ (you/do)?
Llona: I've been with Mrs. King. (2) __________ (she/help) me with my English.
Emma: Your English is very good. You don’t need lessons, surely. How long (3)__________ (you/study) English?
Llona: Er, eight years now. But my accent wasn’t so good before I came to England. (4) _______(I/try) to improve it.
I think (5)________ (it/get) better lately.
Emma: Your accent is fine, llona. Honestly.

B Use (3)

Say what these people have been doing. Use these verbs: argue, cook, drive, wait, work

  • Andrew is tired because, he's been working all day.

1. Trevor and Laura are upset because _________________
2. David is hot because ______________________
3. Mark feels very stiff because _____________________
4. Henry is annoyed. __________________________

C Use (3-4)

What could you say in these situations? Write sentences with the Present Perfect Continuous and a phrase with for. Use these verbs: play, read, swim, talk, travel, work

  • A video is on. It began two hours ago, and it hasn't finished yet.

The video has been playing for two hours.
1. Matthew went into the water an hour ago. He doesn't want to come out yet.
2. Your friends started their journey around the world three months ago. They've gone about halfway now.
3. Mark got to the office early this morning. Ten hours later he's still there.
4. Melanie rang Rita forty minutes ago, and they're still on the phone.
5. Trevor has got an interesting book. He started it quite a long time ago. Ask him how long.

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