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14. Wh-questions

- Practice

A Wh-questions (1-2)

What would you say in these situations?

  • You are talking to a man at a party. Ask him where he works.

Where do you work?
1. You want to know what the date is today. Ask your friend.
2. You’ve forgotten when the course finishes. Ask your friend.
3. Your friend is having a party. You’d like to know who he has invited. Ask him.
4. Your favorite band are going to give a concert. Ask how you can get tickets.
5. You are in town with a friend, and you are wondering where the two of you are going to have
lunch. What do you ask?

B Question words and phrases (1-3)

Quiz champion Claude Jennings is answering questions. Put in these words and phrases:
how far, how long, how often, how many, what,
what colour, what kind, when, where, who

C Wh-questions (1-3)

Guy is interviewing a guest on his chat show. It's the actress Melissa Livingstone, who is in the TV soap opera 'Round the Corner'. Put in Guy's questions.

  • Guy: How often do you record 'Round the Corner'?

Melissa: Oh, we record it every day. It's a full-time job, you know.
1. Guy: And _________________________ it?
Melissa: In Birmingham, at the BBC studios.
2. Guy: ______________________________ .
Melissa: How many? Well, let me see, I think we've done a thousand programmes.
3. Guy: ______________________________ .
Melissa: I'm not going to tell you. How much money I earn is my business.
4. Guy: OK, I'm sorry.
Melissa: Oh, a long time ago. I started acting when I was twelve.
5. Guy: ______________________________ .
Melissa: My plans for the future? I just want to go on with 'Round the Corner'.

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