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14. Present Perfect 3

- Practice

A Gone to or been to? (1)

Complete the conversation. Put in gone or been.

Emma: Hi. Where's Rachel?
Vicky: She's
gone to the supermarket to get something for a meal.
Emma: But I’ve got some chicken for tonight. I’ve just (1) _________ to a supermarket on my way home, that new place near the station.
Natasha: I haven’t (2) ____________ to that one yet.
Vicky: Where’s Jessica? Isn't she here?
Emma: No, she’s (3) ___________ to London. She'll be back tomorrow.

B Ever and never (2)

Write the questions and answers. Use the information in brackets.

  • Matthew: (sailing?) Have you ever been sailing?

Natasha: (no, windsurfing) No, I've never been sailing, but I've been windsurfing.
1. Laura: (San Francisco?) _____________________________________
Mark: (no, Los Angeles) ____________________________, but _______________
2. Tom: (basketball?) ________________________________
Trevor: (no, volleyball) __________________, but _______________________
3. Daniel: (,Hamlet'?) _______________________________
Vicky: (no, 'Macbeth') __________________________, but ________________________

C First time, second time, etc. (3)

What would you say in these situations? Use time and the Present Perfect.

  • You are watching a cricket match. You have never seen one before.

This is the first time I've seen a cricket match.
1. You have lost your bank card. It has happened once before.
This is ___________________________________________ .
2. The washing machine has broken down. This has happened twice before.
3. You are in England for the first time in your life.
4. You are staying in a hotel where you once stayed before.
5. You have missed the bus. You've done the same thing about four times before.

D Today, this week, etc. (4)

Complete the sentences. Use the Present Perfect.

  • Mark buys a newspaper most mornings, but he hasn't bought one this morning.

1. I see Vicky most days, but ______________________
2. We go to the club most weekends, but ____________________
3. We usually have a party each term, but ____________________
4. Someone usually rings in the evening, but no one ____________

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