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12. Active and passive 2

- Practice

A The passive and the agent (1)

Laura is writing to a friend. This is part of her letter.

Someone broke into our house at the weekend. The burglar took some jewellery. But luckily he didn't
do any damage. A very nice young police officer interviewed me. Detectives found some fingerprints,
and the police computer identified the burglar. Police have arrested a man and are questioning him.
But they haven't found the jewellery.

Now complete the passive sentences in this conversation. Use a phrase with by only if it adds information.

Laura: Our house was broken into at the weekend.
Melanie: Oh no!
Laura: Some jewellery (1) _____________ But luckily no damage (2)_______________ .
Melanie: Did the police come and see you?
Laura: Yes, they did. I (3) _______________ .
Melanie: I don't suppose they know who did it.
Laura: Well, amazingly they do. Some (4) _________________, and the (5) _________________.
A man (6) _______________and (7) _________________.
Melanie: Wonderful.
Laura: There's only one problem. The (8) _______________________.

B Active or passive sentence? (1)

Write a paragraph from the notes about the first motor car. Some sentences are active and some are passive. Use a phrase with by only if it adds information.

- a Belgian called Etienne Lenoir / make /
the first motor car
1. but / Lenoir / not produce / many cars /
for sale
2. a German called Karl Benz / start /
commercial production
3. people / now / see / Benz / as the father /
of the motor car

The first motor car was made by a Belgian called Etienne Lenoir
But Lenoir _______________________ .

Commercial ______________________.

Benz ____________________________.

C Empty subjects (2)

Reply to what people say. Use the subject in brackets.

  • Daniel: The bus fares have been increased. (they)

Vicky: What? You mean they've increased the bus fares again!
1. Melanie: Bicycles should be used for short journeys. (people)
David: Yes, I agree. _________________ .
2. Emma: A new source of energy has been discovered. (someone)
Daniel: What? Did you say that _______________ .
3. Rachel: This building is going to be knocked down. (they)
Vicky: Well, no one told me that ____________________ .
4. David: Eggs shouldn't be kept in a freezer. (you)
Tom: Really? I didn't know ______________________.
5. Vicky: Why isn't litter put in the bin? (people)
Emma: Exactly. Why don't _______________________.

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