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11. Review of the future


1 Introduction


'm going to New York next week. I'm about to pick
up my ticket. I
'm going to do some shopping on
Fifth Avenue. I need some new clothes, and I
'll be
some Christmas presents, too. I'm only there
for two days, so it
'll be a big rush.

There are many different ways of talking about the
future in English. Often more than one form is
I'll be buying some Christmas presents, too.
'm going to buy some Christmas presents, too.

2 Talking about the future

How we express future time depends on how we see a future event. Here are some ways of talking about
what we think will happen in the future.

The neutral future
A prediction

A prediction based on the present
A less certain prediction

The very near future
A future action over a period
Something that will be over in the future

The sun will rise at 5.45 am tomorrow.
Cia ire's trip will be a big rush.
Claire's trip is going to be a big rush.
I'm going to be sick!
I think it'll be cold in New York.
It's probably going to be cold in New York.
Ciaire is about to pick up her ticket.
Claire will be shopping non-stop for two days.
The sales will have finished by Saturday.

3 Intentions and plans

We often want to talk about our decisions and intentions and what we plan to do in the future.

An instant decision (deciding now)

An intention (something already decided)
A less certain decision or intention

A past intention
An arrangement
In the course of events
An official arrangement
A timetable

It's a lovely coat. It fits perfectly.
Yes, I'll buy it.
I'm going to do some shopping.
I think I'll buy this hat, too.
I might go to a show.
I was going to buy a guidebook, but I forgot.
I'm flying to New York next week.
I'll be buying some presents, too.
The President is to address the nation tonight.
I'm in New York for two days next week.

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