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11. Review of the future

- Practice

A Will, will be doing and will have done (2)

Complete the live news report. Put in will and the simple, continuous or perfect form of the verb.

The Quiz Marathon
will begin (begin) in five minutes. (1) ____________(it / be) a big test for the World Quiz Champion, Claude Jennings, (2) __________ (who/answer) questions from a group of quiz writers. Claude (3) __________(answer) their questions for a very long time. In fact, (4) ____________(he/still / give) answers when the rest of us are in bed tonight. Claude hopes that after 24 hours (5) __________(he / reply) to about seventeen thousand questions. No meal breaks are planned, so (6) ______ (he/ not /eat) anything. If all goes well, his name (7) ___________ (be) in the next Guinness Book of Records. Claude has also got a number of sponsors, and by tomorrow (8)___________ (he /earn) at least Ј,000 for charity. Well, (9) __________(we / return) this afternoon for news of how Claude is getting on. We think that by then (10) __________ (he / get) some way past the five thousandth question.

B The future (2-3)

What do these people say? Pay special attention to the underlined words.

  • Tom is predicting a win for United in their next game.

Tom: United will win their next game.
1. Andrew intends to get up early tomorrow.
Andrew: I _____________________ .
2. Vicky's train
timetable says 'Arrival 10.30'.
Vicky: The train _________________ .
3. Daniel has
arranged to see his bank manager tomorrow.
Daniel: _______________________ .
4. Rachel will go out in the
very near future.
Rachel: ______________________ .
5. There's a crowd of demonstrators in the main square of the capital. The police are arriving.
Reporter Kitty Beamish is
predicting trouble.
Kitty: __________________________ .

C The future (2-3)

Complete the conversation. In each sentence choose the best form of the verb to express the future. Usually more than one answer is possible.

Mark: Hello, Claire. Sarah tells me you’re going (you /go) to New York.
Claire: Yes, (1) _________ (I / spend) a couple of days there next week. (2) ___________ (I / look) round the shops.
Mark: (3) _______________(that / be) exciting.
Claire: Exhausting, you mean. I think (4) ___________(I / be) pretty tired when I get back.
Mark: (5)_________ (you/stay) with friends?
Claire: No, (6) __________(I /stay) at a hotel near Central Park. But (7)___________ (I / see) my friends. (8) __________(I / go) to their apartment for a meal one evening. And it isn’t definite yet, but
(9) __________(we / see) a show.
Mark: And when (10) __________(you /leave)?
Claire: My flight (11) ___________(be) on Tuesday morning.
Mark: OK, (12) ____________(I / see) you when you get back then.

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