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11. Past Continuous

- Practice

A Form (2)

Today is the first of January, the start of a new year. Most people are feeling a bit tired.
What were they doing at midnight last night?
Use these verbs: dance, drive,
listen, watch, write
Use these phrases after the verb: an essay, his taxi, in the street, television,
to a band

  • Claire was listening to a band.

1. Trevor and Laura ________________.
2. Vicky and Rachel ________________.
3. Tom _________________________.
4. Andrew _______________.

B Form (2)

Complete the conversation. Put in the Past Continuous forms.

Jessica: I was looking (I/look) for you, Vicky. I'm afraid I’ve broken this dish.
Vicky: Oh, no! What (1) …………. (you/do)?
Jessica: (2) …………… (I/take) it into the kitchen. I bumped into Emma. (3)………. (she/come) out just as
(4) ................. (I/go) in.
Vicky: I expect it was your fault. (5) ....... (you/not/look) where (6) …………. (you/go).
Jessica: Sorry. I'll buy you another one as soon as I have some money.

C Use (3)

What can you say in these situations? Add a sentence with the Past Continuous to say that an action lasted a long time.

  • You had to work yesterday. The work went on all day.

I was working all day.
1. You had to make phone calls. The calls went on all evening.
2. You had to wait in the rain. The wait lasted for half an hour.
3. You had to make sandwiches. This went on all afternoon.
4. You had to sit in a traffic jam. You were there for two hours.
5. Your neighbour played loud music. This went on all night.

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