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10. Past Simple


1 Introduction

2 Positive forms

A regular past form ends in -ed.
It happened very quickly.
The van
crashed into the car.
I posted tile letter yesterday.
We once
owned a caravan.

Some verbs have an irregular past form.
The car came out of a side road.
rang earlier.
won the game.
I had breakfast at six.
The train
left on time.
took some photos.

The Past Simple is the same in all persons except in the past tense of be.


I/he/she/it was
you/we/they were

I was ill last week.
Those cakes were nice.

3 Negatives and questions


I/you/he/she/it/we/they did not stop
OR didn't stop


did I/you/he/she/it/we/they stop?

The car did not stop. The driver didn't look to his right.
What did you tell the police? - Nothing. Did you ring home? - Yes, I did.

We do not use a past form such as stopped or rang in negatives and questions.
NOT The car didn't stopped and NOT Did you rang?

We also use was and were in negatives and questions.


I/he/she/it was not OR wasn't
you/we/they were not OR weren't
I wasn't very well last week.
The gates
weren't open.


was I/he/she/it?
were you/we/they?

I wasn't very well last week.
The gates
weren't open.
Where was your friend last night?
Was your steak nice?

4 Use

We use the Past Simple for something in the past which is finished.
Emma passed her exam last year.
We went to the theatre on Friday.
Elvis Presley died in 1977.
I knew what the problem was.
When did you buy this car? - About three years ago.

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