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10. Passive verb forms

- Practice

A Present Continuous passive (2)

Look at the pictures and say what is happening. Use these subjects: the car, dinner, a flag,
some houses, the seals. Use these verbs: build, feed, raise,
repair, and serve.

  • The car is being repaired.

1. _______________________. 3. _____________________________.
2. _______________________. 4. _____________________________.

B Passive verb tenses (2)

Complete the information about Barford Hall . Put in the correct form of these verbs.

The building at the end of the High Street is Barford Hall, which was built in 1827. Today the Hall (1) _____________by Bardale Council. It (2) ____________as a warehouse when it (3) ___________ by the Council in 1952, and it (4) ____________after very well. Since then a lot of work (5) _____________
on it, and these days the Hall (6) _________________as an arts centre.

C The future and modal verbs in the passive (3)

A press conference is being held. Put in the correct form of the verbs.

  • Reporter: Can this new drug prolong human life?

Professor: Yes, we believe that human life by can be prolonged the drug.
1. Reporter: Are you going to do any more tests on the drug?
Professor: Yes, further tests ______________soon.
2. Reporter: What ____________ the drug __________________?
Professor: It will be called Bio-Meg.
3. Reporter: Can people buy the drug now?
Professor: No, it____________ by the public yet.
4. Reporter: Do you think the company should sell this drug?
Professor: Yes, I think Bio-Meg _______________to anyone who wants it.

D The passive with get (4)

Put in get or got and the past participle of these verbs: break, change, divorce, hurt, lose

  • If we're going out to the theatre, I'd better get changed.

1. Daniel _____________when he tried to break up a fight.
2. I know the way. We won't _______________.
3. You'd better wrap up the glasses, so they don't ________________.
4. They were only married a year before they ____________________.

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